Tammy and Sam at book launch

The Book Launch Was A Great Success! Thank you to all who helped and attended!

We were nervous and excited! To think that the book was actually finished! We are so excited to share Samantha’s Story with others who may be dealing with similar issues. May the Lord bless you with as many blessings as we have received.

Press Release

“Samantha’s Story” is the true account of Sam’s battle with ulcerative colitis which she contracted at age seven. Though the book details many of her struggles with the disease, Samantha and Tammy view it as a book of hope. With knowledge, understanding and patience, young people dealing with chronic illness can live full, productive lives and Samantha is proof of that. Now 14, she participates in school and church activities with vitality and energy.

Tammy’s inspiration in writing of the book came to her through a scripture: Jeremiah 10:19 – New International Version of the Bible (NIV)

“An illness needn’t define us”, says Tammy.  “We often discover strength when we have no other choice.”

In writing “Samantha’s Story”, Tammy hopes to assist other families to find hope in dealing with their child’s chronic illnesses. She works closely with Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) to provide awareness and help to parents and families.

Further information about Author Tammy Greene and CCFA can be seen at:

  1. Author Tammy Cantrell Greene

“Samantha’s Story”  is currently available at:

 Amazon  paperback or Kindle

Xulon Christian Bookstore

Barnes and Noble online



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